collapsible dresser 

bamboo plywood + recycled sails 

completely collapsible & environmentally sustainable.
i designed & fabricated this piece during my semester in copenhagen, denmark & am currently working on redesigning it for my senior thesis. 

i wanted to create collapsible furniture for people who are never truly “home,” but instead live in a prolonged state of transition. In order to provide a greater sense of belonging, identity, and purpose to an individual through offering a consistent, tangible, object to store their possessions regardless of their physical space in the world. This project is important at this time because transient lifestyles have become more common for people between the ages of 18 and 32. In contrast to previous generations, millennials are renting more and buying less. They value the ability to take opportunities as they come, and many perceive the decision to by a home to be limiting, because of a perceived lack of freedom that comes with a mortgage. Although there is value in living this way, there is also an inherent sense of instability associated with it. This project is meant to act as a foundation--stability for an otherwise manic lifestyle--that would help the user maintain a sense of belonging in their ever-changing environment.